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we give best web application services that complete all your business needs. our best programmers are always deliver best custom web-applications development that complete your needs.We develop tailor-made Customized Web Application Development for all the businesses.


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Payroll Management System

Get your payroll Solution in one-click

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Why a payroll process important for your business?

You would have already realized your business tricks are mainly divided into two broad categories: the macro and the micro. The macro here refers to the broader and big picture stuff. These are the activities that aid the long-term visualization of your organisation. Your business development strategy, sales, revenue, money flow, etc., fall under this kind.

The micro refers to the everyday administrative chores that fuel the daily operations of your business. Although these tasks seem mundane and repetitive, they are just as important to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

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How Payroll management Makes Life Easy

  • Excel import to upload bulk data in one go.
  • Single spot to manage multiple location data.
  • Multiple shifts | Flexible Shift.
  • Three ways to upload attendance: Automatic, Semi-Auto, Manual
  • Automatic Attendance Upload
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Employee Sleep Facility
  • KRA, Short Leave, Overtime calculation, Incentive, Loan Facility, Payslip in English and Hindi, Dashboard
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VMS (visitor management system)

Best solution to optimize your visitor management process

Why use VMS (visitor management system)?

Web-based Visitor Management System is used for correct monitoring and real time tracking of visits. it is the best solution to manage visitors with VMS. copanies ahve hundreds of visitors each week. automationg the visitors tracking allows the company people to identify non-staff in the building more easily. with the help of the data that are stored in the database, the owner of the company can easily find the visiotrs.

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We are notable for our co-ordination between the customers and the development team.

  • Make a Good First Impression
  • Improve Security
  • Improve Visitor Services
  • Emergency Evacuation Report
  • Pre-register Visitors
  • Cost Effective
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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Best solution to manage and integrate the important parts of your businesses

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What is the Benefit of ERP Software?

ERP is a business management tool that company use to store, collect, communicate and manage data across all functions of the enterprise. Erp dashboards contains bar, charts and graphs along with other visauls of data that give user all the martics. it integrates all information of a business into one complete system so data can be shared across fields and departments in real-time to run the processes and do other common tasks.

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What processes ERP integrates:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Supply chain management
  • Production capacity
  • Raw materials
  • Human resources
  • Workforce scheduling
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Payroll – Linked Apps

What makes us the Best solution system for business.


Shows settings to set different TDS deduction criteria and automatic TDS application.


Enables selecting and assigning desired week off day.


Unlocks the tab for organized loan formalities and recovery.


Activates the option via which emps can apply for short leave.


CONTROL/AUTRORIZATION Authorizes primary user to limit access rights for sub-user.


Shows settings to enable the desired leave types