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Payroll, Payroll Software, Payroll software solution

What is a Payroll Management System?

Payroll Management System

A payroll management system is a tool - predominantly a software program - that enables your business to handle all your employee’s financial records in a hassle-free, automated fashion. This includes employee’s salaries, bonuses, deductions, net pay, and generation of pay-slips for a specific period.

Payroll, Payroll Software, Payroll software solution

Why do you need Payroll Management System?

Payroll Management System

As you would have just understood, your business activities are basically divided into two general categories: the macro and the micro.

The macro: refers to the large and big picture stuff. These are the activities that aid the long-term vision of your organisation. Your association improvement technique, income, deals. Income and so forth, associated with this classification.

The micro: refers to the the everyday activities of your business. Although these tasks seem mundane and repetitive, they are just as important to keep your business running like a very much oiled machine.

What Is In Store For You

Payroll Management System

  • Integrated to HR Errands
  • Employee Engagement | Database
  • Deductions | Tax | Statutory Compliances
  • Incentive | Bonus | Salary | Overtime
  • What makes us unique of the crowd
  • Payroll Linked Apps
  • How Payroll Makes Life Easy
  • Interface Payroll
  • Contact Details

Payroll, Payroll Software, Payroll software solution

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Integrated to HR Errands

Payroll, Payroll Software
  • Manual Attendance
  • Automatic Attendance
  • Semi-Auto Attendance
  • Multiple Shift
  • Flexible Shift
  • Customized leave policies
  • Leave carry forward, Leave approval
  • Short Leave assignment
  • Classify Holiday

Employee Engagement | Database

 Payroll software solution, pms
  • Official information/ Sleep Mode/ Employee personal
  • E-documents
  • Details of Salary
  • Services
  • Access & Roles authorization
  • Short Leave & Apply Leave
  • Apply Executive duty
  • Apply Expense Claims
  • Verify/ Check Salary
  • Produce Task
  • Keep Team Members
  • Track the task until finishing point

Incentive | Bonus | Salary | Overtime

Payroll, Payroll Software, Payroll software solution
  • Monthly Earnings
  • Advance Earnings
  • Earnings Approval
  • Bonus Growth
  • Pay slip Creation
  • Overtime Regulations/Criteria
  • Overtime Result
  • Overtime Agreement
  • Incentive beside attendance
  • Diverse incentive Regulations/ criteria

Deductions | Tax | Statutory Compliances

Payroll, Payroll Software, Payroll software solution
  • TDS
  • ESI, EPF
  • Advantage
  • Chalans
  • Uniform grant
  • Employee safety fund
  • Loan inference
  • Advance inference
  • TDS as per government norm
  • Set TDS rate worker wise

How Payroll Makes Life Easy

Payroll, Payroll Software, Payroll software solution,pms
  • Excel import to upload bulk data in one click.
  • Single spot to handle multiple location data.
  • Flexible Shift | Multiple shifts.
  • 3 ways to upload attendance: Manual, Automatic, Semi-Auto
  • Regular Attendance Upload
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Employee Sleep Skill
  • KRA
  • Short Leave
  • Overtime calculation
  • Incentive
  • Loan Facility
  • Payslip in English and Hindi
  • Dashboard

Payroll – Linked Apps

Payroll Management System

pms,  Payroll software solution

Shows settings to set different TDS deduction criteria and automatic TDS application.

PMS, Payroll, Payroll Software

Enables selecting and assigning desired week off day.

PMS, Payroll Software

Unlocks the tab for organized loan formalities and recovery.

pms, payroll software

Activates the option via which emps can apply for short leave.

pms, payroll software

CONTROL/AUTRORIZATION Authorizes primary user to limit access rights for sub-user.

pms, payroll software

Shows settings to enable the desired leave types.

Payroll, Payroll Software, Payroll software solution

Keeps task status updated to assure on time task completion.

Payroll, Payroll Software, Payroll software solution

Setting essential HR document format to use frequently.

Our payroll processing team is responsible for welcoming new employees and ensuring their paperwork is correctly completed. Our company has been using the best payroll software with direct deposit for over three years. Our payroll management software offers an easy-to-use time tracking feature that keeps employees on track with their hours. Right payroll software can be a great asset for small business owners, giving them the ability to easily manage their full-service payroll needs. We use Quickbooks Payroll to manage our company's payroll taxes and employee benefits. Our payroll system has been deemed compliant with applicable tax regulations for the storage and handling of payroll data. We take pride in making sure that all of our employees receive fair and accurate employee wages, global payroll, tax compliance, and health insurance. Our payroll services and HR management system provide real-time insights and reporting, allowing businesses to make decisions quickly and confidently. Our payroll solutions provide comprehensive employee information to help streamline payroll processing.