Change Control
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Why it is the best Change Control Management for you?

Hevteq increases your company’s process accuracy and compliance with industry regulations and standards. By integrating easily with your other quality management processes, Hevteq creates a new digital workflow, allowing you to maintain productivity and increase productivity.

Reviewing and Approving Change

Anyone can make an initial suggestion to a process that affects business. But the idea should first be voiced and accepted by all relevant stakeholders before submitting the changes to the higher-ups for approval.

With the Change Request process, you can review and approve,or even reject it. If you are not satisfied with the request, you can close it.

If specific action is required, the request change workflow can be used to process the flow.

Keeping thorough and complete records of all changes made

Change Control Management System, Change Control
Change Control Management System, Change Control

Notification of Change to Impacted Users

Once the document manager has verified that a change request is valid, the change can be communicated to all affected users in both their desktop and mobile apps. This helps them be better prepared to take action upon the update.

Commvault Change Control Management feature automates the process of reviewing, approving, monitoring, and tracking changes. The built-in capability provides users with instant notification of any needed changes and highlights the impact of those changes. This helps to ensure that only authorized users make changes into the production environment.

Communicating with your team and customers with both internal and external notifications can be extremely beneficial to the success of your software projects. Your team members are reminded of changes, and can be encouraged to communicate their feedback with intra-team entities which, in turn, increases productivity.

Reducing Cycle Time of Change Implementation

In order to capitalize on the change efforts, you should implement them in a timely manner. The timely implementation of the changes is essential to the success of any change effort. It's also important to be compliant with the return on investment (ROI) metric identified in the proposed project charter.

In Change Management (CM), when a Milestone status is changed, a task and a deadline are automatically generated. Once the Administrator submits the completed form, a process is triggered which notifies the Manager and CEO. The built-in notification and dashboard capability help you monitor the progress on Change Management tasks.

It can be tough to cover all the bases with your sales opportunities. By break ing down your activities into smaller tasks and targeting distractions like "too late" and "put on hold," you can make the most of each sales opportunity.

Change Control Management System, Change Control
Change Control Management System, Change Control

Automatic Archiving of Old Revisions

Ensuring that your users are always able to review old changes is a good way to show them that you care about their position, and it's also a good way to demonstrate that you're always looking to improve the site.

It's easy to spin up Traffic Control (CCM) to recreate any version of a Central instance, at any time. By automatically link the version of the documentation to the technical object it documents, and logged all the changes, including who made it and why, CCM.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Organizations regularly face a barrage of laws and regulations. Sometimes, an organization may not meet these requirements and violate various laws, resulting in legal, financial and reputational ramifications. Even organizations in highly-regulated industries struggle to maintain compliance. For this reason, it is common for organizations to enforce a change management process and policy that promotes and ensures compliance.

CCM has significantly simplified and automated the process of reviewing and approving changes to your content. The built-in workflow and notification system facilitates various review stages and keeps all your stakeholders fully engaged. You can also easily track the changes and take their required actions accordingly.

We help your company manage changes throughout your enterprise. With us, you can easily adopt changes and stay compliant with industry standards.

Change Control Management System

Havteq Change Control Management Software Features

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Track conversions, from prospects to customers, across sales, marketing and customer support, and all the channels of your organization.

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Automate repetitive change management tasks, help collaboration and continuous development, and foster collaboration between individual development teams such as open source communities.

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Connect your software with all of your other key systems

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Decide, monitor, and manage your moving.

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There is no point keeping your website updated when you're not getting any visitors to convert.

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Keep your business organized, up to date, and communicative with secure, paperless workflows, electronic records/signatures, and audit trails.