What to do when choosing EHS software – Visitor Management System in Chandigarh

Visitor Management System in Chandigarh

Visitor Management System in Chandigarh

Software for EHS is an efficient tool to assist your company in saving time, decreasing risk, and avoiding unwanted events. There’s a lot of work involved in the selection of the right EHS software system, from evaluating possible vendors to setting up demonstrations.

An easy Google search can reveal numerous software systems that all have the same sound or are similar. How can you narrow down your options and decide which ones are worth taking a closer look?

To simplify your work to make your work easier, we’ve put together a checklist to help you during the selection process. We’ll take you through eight important points to be thinking about while you’re making your shortlist of possible vendors.

Comprehensive & scalable

Visitor Management System in Chandigarh

When you’re looking at an EHS software solution It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options to pick from. Therefore, large numbers of companies — particularly small to mid-sized ones prefer singular-point options which address one particular problem, such as inspections, tracking training, or incident management.

While a problem-specific solution may help you solve your immediate issue but if you must purchase a brand-new tool whenever a new problem arises then the value of that solution will only last a short time. The cost of putting together various tools will soon surpass what you invested in a more comprehensive system, and that’s not even mentioning the hassle to switch between the tools.

Better to go with an all-in-one solution that incorporates every tool an EHS team may require including task and document management audits and inspections, reporting SDS, and chemical management all from one supplier. Comprehensive software divided into modules that are rolled out in a separate manner will let you start with a small amount and expand the features from the same supplier when you expand.

Low cost

Visitor Management System

Don’t fall for the notion that a higher price implies higher quality. In the event of a mistake, you could be paying too much for a device that is stuffed full of features that your staff won’t ever use.

With the advancements in cloud technology, There are affordable solutions available that can solve your issue exactly like high-end solutions. In fact, you can start using cloud-based EHS software as low as $5-10k.

A variety of factors play into the cost of a software product ( we discuss these in more detail here) however the higher cost does not necessarily mean higher quality. The best option is to look at which company will solve your issue the most efficiently and with the least cost, not the one that offers the most user-friendly demonstration.

Additionally, be sure that you are aware that the majority of fees paid by vendors are fixed. This is the case for fees for training and configuration. maintenance, deployments, and upgrades to mention just a few. The cost of running away shouldn’t be a reason for you to not be successful.

Quick implementation

Visitor Management System in Chandigarh
It is imperative to stress the importance of selecting the right system that is able to be implemented swiftly. The longer it takes to set up new software is the higher the chance that your staff will be less interested or even develop an opinion that is negative about your new program. Furthermore, long-running implementations can cause a huge burden on your IT staff and can disrupt their daily operations and divert attention away from other projects that are important.

Find a standard solution that will be in operation quickly and with minimal disruption to the IT resources. On average, basic system activation will take approximately 1-2 weeks, whereas an extensive system will last between 30-90 days.

Beware of systems that need extensive modification. If a system needs a lot of custom programming to satisfy the needs of your business it’s going to be very difficult to implement and extract data from the system. It is better to choose an existing system that is standardized and can be customized to meet your needs without having to alter the code base.


Visitor Tracking Software

The most effective way to ensure that users are able to adopt the system is to pick an application that is simple to use.

Does it appear clean and user-friendly? Are the layouts presented in a way that makes sense to a novice user? It can be accessed via various devices? Simple, easy-to-use software will increase productivity and produce more efficient outcomes.

Naturally, the reverse is also the case. A complicated program could cause frustration for users and lower acceptance rates. Be sure to stay away from such systems.

Mobile app

Best Visitor Management System in Chandigarh
Visitor Management System in Chandigarh
When you are choosing a program, keep an eye on the reality that all employees will work from an office in a traditional setting. The increasing use of remote working implies that your software must be able to function anywhere your employee’s work. Thus, an EHS software solution that has an integrated mobile application is essential.

Mobile apps let your staff access and collect data anywhere. Anyone using a tablet or smartphone can use it to collect measurements and readings, carry out risk assessments, conduct maintenance inspections, conduct JHA audits, report an accident, trigger actions and corrective actions, and much more.

Also, search for an application that has offline capabilities. Being able to save data offline and later sync can be extremely helpful in remote areas in which WiFi isn’t accessible.

Support & training

Everyone processes and absorbs the information differently. Certain people learn best by watching tutorials, whereas other people prefer reading guides or listening to a recorded audio or video presentation or even take an active approach. The right training method will help users learn and retain knowledge better that is crucial when it comes to implementing a brand innovative software program. Workshops, hands-on training and quick reference guides and 1-to-1 emails are all helpful tools that can help improve user adoption. Make sure to know the types of training each company provides.

Furthermore, different types of users require different types of training. An average user who visits the program periodically will not require as extensive instruction like the EHS manager who is using the system daily. This is why a lot of software providers offer various methods of training that are based on user’s job.


Visitor Management

Many factors can be considered when running a successful business. In the midst of EHS applications, your business could also use other types of tools for technology. This could include your ERP, CEMS, and work order systems, as well as your financial system to just name some.

To benefit fully from the advantages EHS software can offer it is essential to be able to share information with other tools. For instance, you might need to import production data to track emissions performance in relation to the production process. You might also want to extract incident costs and then export the data into an accounting system.

Integrations can solve this issue by allowing various platforms to “talk to” one another. Before you sign your name on the line, make sure that the software is compatible with other systems you’re using. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend many hours transferring data from one system to the next to analyze and report.

Vendor’s team

Price, functionality, and user-friendliness are the main factors to be considered in your search for the best software program. However, before making your choice, think about another factor the team of the vendor.

A top software company is an associate, not only a supplier. What is the difference? A supplier is looking to sell you an item. A partner, on other hand, is more interested in the success of your business. They’ll help you navigate the process of implementation to ensure that your system meets your requirements. As you advance, they’ll help you discover new methods to maximize the use of the EHS program.

When you are evaluating various software systems take note of the company’s staff. Does the company have a team that is experienced in EHS? Are they committed to the long-term growth of your business? These are vital factors to consider. Visitor Management System in Chandigarh.