Visitor Management System for Schools

Visitor Management System for Schools

In order to ensure the safety and security of the school grounds, an integrated security system is required that keeps tabs on all activities, even during the busiest times. For schools, a risk-free zone is guaranteed at all times thanks to a school visitor control system that doesn’t require much work.

Do you have a mechanism in place to track who enters the school? Are you keeping track of guests that come into the school to meet with students or faculty? The safety of your school’s campus is a primary concern.

In what ways does a visitor management system function?

visitor management system for school

As a result, the software of visitor management system for schools is developed in such a way that the entire procedure is error-free and creates a lasting impression on the guests that enter a certain facility.

The following is a brief demonstration of how a typical visitor control system is implemented in a school facility.

Check in at the Checkpoint

The system’s deployment location is the primary entrance point. Upon arrival, guests are required to fill out an electronic form in order to sign in. Details such as the person’s name, phone number, id evidence, and the person they intend to meet must be filled in.

Take a picture!

Please double-check the information in your visitor profile. Allow your site visitors to take a selfie with their smartphone to complete their profile. Verification and storage of taken images on the cloud makes it easy to access them when needed.

Message to the Host

A built-in notification function in the VMS helps visitors quickly identify the host they’d like to meet after they’ve entered their contact information and uploaded a photo. It is the host’s responsibility to verify the visitor’s identity before allowing them admission into the premises. Installing a visitor management system in a school with this capability adds an extra degree of protection. The host has the last say on whether or not a guest is allowed to pass through the security lounge after evaluating their profile.

Printed ID badge

Upon approval, the visitor’s app/device and the school’s system generate or print an ID badge. An easy-to-navigate layout allows for future reference as well as smooth data storage.

Top Features of  Visitor Management System for Schools

Check-In Using a Valid Password

Visitors’ personal information can be handled with simplicity using a school visitor management system. As soon as a visitor arrives at the school, he/she is required to fill out a form with some basic information. After that, the system performs a validation check on the supplied information and data. Using features like OTP verifications and other checks, their identification and other details are confirmed. A person can only enter the building after all of their personal information has been extracted, validated, and approved.

Every visitor is photographed by the current VMS as an added security measure. The campus is always safe and secure because of this easy check-in and verification process at the entrance door.

A proactive technique to prevent pandemic spread like COVIS-19, which caused enormous disruptions and jeopardised the safety of students and faculty members within the school premise, is being used by smart institutions. Contactless Check-In When used in conjunction with pandemic-proof technology, touchless check-in solutions (such as facial recognition or qr code scanning via a mobile phone) can help to reduce the danger of disease carriers accessing the school. Make sure you pick the correct school visitor management system before making your decision.

Authenticated Entries

Hundreds of school employees enter and leave the building every day, in addition to the many students who come and go. A visitor management system for schools has the ability to pre-enter personnel information in order to keep an eye on all visitors to the institute. The school premises are protected at all times due to the pre-entered names and details of staff members who have been authorised entrance to the building. You get to pick whether or not an OTP validation is necessary as an additional layer.

In the event that school faculty or employees need to enter the building, their identities can be registered in advance so that only those having passes granted can enter the restricted areas. Aside from that, it aids authorised workers in keeping tabs on the various types of employees and faculty members that enter and exit the building and other pertinent information about their movements within the building.

Dashboard in Real Time

As a result, a school’s visitor management system should have a dashboard that can show the movement of everyone in the building at any given moment, including visitors, employees, faculty, parents, and kids. This makes it simple to keep tabs on who enters and leaves the premises.

Parents, visitors, and even staff can be tracked using this dashboard. As an example, the app makes it simple for parents to keep track of the time their children spend with them while they are away from home.

Insights gleaned from the experiences of visitors

One of the most difficult tasks for schools is keeping track of all the people who have been to visit during a given period of time. It is common for paper records and pen-paper methods to fail since they are readily tampered with and can even be damaged or stolen.

Using a visitor management system, all visits are recorded and kept in a secure location at all times. The system’s data can be easily accessed by the authorities. Who walked around the school? Was a specific person expelled from the building? How often did a guest come in? Stats on visitors’ arrival and departure are readily available in the system so that the team can devise a strategy for better managing visitors’ arrival and departure.

Notifications in a Flash

An integrated approach to visitor control includes elements like alarms, notifications, and alerts. As soon as a guest enters through the front door, the host or the person they desire to meet receives an email notification. Hosts are requested to verify a person’s identity and grant them entrance. In order for the host to be prepared for all visitors, especially when parents are meeting with staff members, such notices are essential.

Alerts in a Flash

Emergency alert systems are in place to warn all relevant parties in the event of an intruder attempting to enter the campus. Every member of the staff is alerted immediately if there is an undesirable guest in the building. In the absence of a digital system, it is extremely difficult to identify the invader from a photo that is maintained in a database at the front desk.

Badges that can be altered to suit your needs

ID badges are printed as soon as a visitor completes the check-in process in VMS (Visitor Management System for Schools), and they can be used for future visits as well. To make these badges unique to your institution, you can customise and change them utilising software. The ID badges for visitors can be customised by the schools with their logos, emblems, and other similar symbols. In addition to enhancing the individuality of the badges, this shows the excellent standards and cutting-edge technology employed by the institutions.

Pre-registration for visitors

The option to pre-register guests to the school is one of the best advantages of a visitor management system for school. Pre-scheduled meetings can be set up for a single meeting or a series of meetings through the admin site. The administrator can enter the guest’s information in the back end and send an SMS or email to the guest. A QR code can also be used to ask visitors for a link when they arrive at the main checkpoint of the school building. As a result of this relationship, visitors can quickly and simply skip large lines and waits.

Great User Interfaces

Visitor management systems for schools offer numerous features and simple integrations with a user-friendly interface and stunning UX. VMS is simple to use, simple to maintain, and comes with a streamlined operational dashboard because of its ability to seamlessly interface with pre-installed premise management solutions. Guests will get a good first impression of your hotel from the front desk, thanks to rapid check-ins, alerts, and a universal design.

Features that Go Beyond the Basics

Extensive visitor management capabilities, such as touchless check-in and smart profile identification, are also available in visitor management software, further strengthening the safety and security of institutions.

Notifications of Special Occasions

Some visitor management systems for schools that provide seminars, events, or other activities include additional functionality such as sending out event notifications to attendees. Email notice is used to deliver a QR code or invite link separately. Attendees can easily utilise the code or link to check-in while at the events once they receive it. As a result, schools will be able to keep an eye out for guests who do not have valid event credentials. Even when hundreds of visitors access the school premises per hour, VMS maintains a risk-free and safe atmosphere because of this function.

Tracking Attendance of Students

The movement of pupils in and out of the school building can also be tracked by some sophisticated VMS. The programme is used to collect the students’ information and keep track of their attendance. This makes it possible to monitor the activities of students, such as when they enter and leave the building, how often they are late, and so on. In the VMS’s reporting and analytics, this data is readily available.

As a last thought, it is just as critical for colleges to maintain track of visitors while they are on campus as it is to document their time there. As a result of this failure, schools are frequently caught off guard when intruders or other security breaches occur. Schools may protect their kids, faculty, and all of their records by implementing a robust visitor management system for schools. As a result, schools must plan ahead and make strategic investments in visitor management software. For both employees and parents, it provides a positive picture of the school’s security measures.

Why wait for something bad to happen before you can prevent it? If you’re not ready now, why wait? Visitors management systems for schools, which provide a higher level of security for students, are likely to take over the front desks of all institutions in the near future.

Authorities must ask these questions in order to ensure the safety of children and faculty within the school’s walls. These issues can be overcome with a school visitor management system in place, as well as any other facility demands that may arise.

An Overview of the Situation

Visitor Management System
It is possible to maintain track of all visitors to a specific premise, floor, or section of the institute using a visitor control system.

All the persons entering and leaving the school can find out here who they are, where they are, and when they arrived. By utilising this system, schools will be able to keep track of all of their visitors, as well as their essential personal information, such as their photo IDs, cell phone numbers, the products they bring with them, and any other data they may provide.

Is a Visitor Management System Necessary at Your School?

For Schools, There Is A Touchless Visitor Management System

As with any facility, it’s crucial to keep an eye on what visitors are doing, but when it comes to schools, there can be no room for error.

There are a lot of visits to educational facilities, including parents, guardians, and other staff members. The task of meticulously tracking each and every one of these visitors can be daunting. School visitors are asked to fill out a form at the front desk/security office, and they can enter the building without requiring any sort of authentication.

As a result, we’re faced with the following difficulties:

  • There is no way to verify the accuracy of the information that users provide, therefore if unauthorised individuals gain access, they may provide inaccurate information.
  • Intruders can enter the building without filling out a logbook because they are viewed as a formality by many.
  • When there is an emergency, there is no precise or full record of visitors.
  • These issues can only be resolved if the front desk has an effective strategy in place for managing visitors. A VMS is a must-have in every educational facility if it hopes to maintain complete control over the data and movements of its visitors.