Benefits of using fee management software

fee management software
  1. Optimized for mobile devices

Since most parents (or students) are making their classroom tuition fee payments on their smartphones by using the fee management software, it is important that you offer a student-friendly interface. Our payment processing capability allows students to securely and effortlessly pay their school fees at any time, and from anywhere, via a mobile phone. This mobile optimization can lead to fewer missed payments and fewer “technical delays” during payment processing.


  1. Simple and useful for organizations

The convenience of using this online payment system has made it one of the most popular payment methods amongst students, parents, and staff. The e-payment system allows you to easily integrate it with your already existing ERP system. If you don’t have an ERP system, you can enter your data manually or you can upload it using an Excel spreadsheet. Now, your students and parents can make a payment using their choice of payment method.


  1. Convenient and easy for students and parents

If parents or students are encountering any difficulties while making payments, they will simply move over to another, more user-friendly website. This will leave you in the lurch. So, it makes sense for you to choose a payment gateway that also offers a good user interface to the payers. Our payment solution gives parents and students the ability to pay their dues online. They can log in to the web portal with a secure login and password. They can also view all modifications made to the fee amounts, or they can be notified via email and SMS. Our payment system also allows the parents to pay their dues in installments, and they get an eReceipt. The payments are also directly deposited in the institution’s account.


  1. Different options for payer and payee

Our user-friendly system ensures that students and parents can use any mode of payment, from credit cards to net banking and digital wallets. Parents have the option to pay in full or in installments, while students are given the option to pay from their fund balances, scholarship funds, or other scholarships obtained. The system automatically adds all other student-related charges (library fees, for example) to the fee calculation of a student while calculating the final fee amount owed.


  1. Reasonable in price

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The fee management software is a cost-effective, efficient, and time-saving way of managing your school’s finances. It saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on paper, stationery, infrastructure, and human resource. Your staff can be relieved of their duties at fee counters, and of depositing money at bank counters. And, you save on the high cost of servers and hardware, and on networking for fee collection, which you would have with an on-premises system that is not as advanced as our software.


  1. 100% Secure

Nothing is more upsetting to a parent or a student than an online payment method that cannot ensure the security of their financial data. Our software is cloud-based and follows the highest security protocols. All financial information is encrypted, making it impossible for hackers and pirates to access it. Only the most secure and PCI-compliant payment gateways are allowed on our platform. Each student has their own unique and secure login. And users are only given limited, role-based access to certain information.


  1. A smart tracking and reporting system of fee management software 

fee management software

Our fee management software is equipped with intelligent reporting systems that generate detailed, informative, and easy-to-understand reports. These reports are business intelligence-powered and contain transaction reports, daily collections, challan generation, admission registers, student records, and student ledgers. These reports are generated in a clear, concise, and easy-to-read manner, making it simple for the management to drill down and pinpoint the cause of any discrepancies in funds or other payments. Our system is intelligently designed, with data being organized and presented in a way that makes it easy to track and monitor your finances.