7 practical ideas for impressing Visitor Management System at your business in 2022

Visitor Management System in India

7 practical ideas for impressing Visitor Management System at your business in 2022

Best Visitor Management System in India

Best Visitor Management System in India

For a visit to be remembered, numerous activities must come together to produce a truly amazing experience. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Creating a positive visitor experience is the first step in inviting visitors to your place of business. Up until recently, the employee experience was the main concern of many workplace teams. Now that more businesses are reopening their doors to visitors, it’s important to consider how to make sure everyone—including visitors—has a seamless experience at work.

For a trip to be remembered, numerous activities must come together to produce a truly amazing experience. Uncertain about where to begin? We’ve gathered some advice to aid with your navigation.

Tip 1: Make the sign-in process digital.


Giving up the pen and paper visitor record is the first step to a pleasant, hassle-free guest experience. Choose visitor registration software instead that automates all of the procedures of guest registration and displays them on a stylish iPad at the front desk (or a mobile app for a touchless experience). This will enable you to change your attention from logistics to making sure your visitors are comfortable and at home in the office.

Tip 2: Before they arrive, have visitors attest to their health.

In the workplace, health and safety are still key priorities. Conduct a health checkup or request that visitors send in a copy of their proof of immunization before they come to encourage guests to accept their invitation on-site. Knowing that you’ve taken precautions to keep everyone on-site secure and healthy will put them at ease.

Tip 3: Maintain order in the lobby.

When you have visitors, treat the lobby as you would your own house. A tidy, organized lobby speaks good of your business as a whole. On the other hand, a cluttered, chaotic workplace can give off a poor image. Clean up the lobby every day, or more than once a day if necessary, to set the correct mood.

Tip 4: Improve your waiting area.

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Adding to the aforementioned advice, your lobby shouldn’t be neglected. It needs to be created with the same consideration as the rest of the workplace. Beyond inviting sitting, offer beverages, books, and giveaways from the firm for people to take home. Don’t undervalue the impact proper lighting can have on establishing a pleasant atmosphere.

Tip 5: Provide quick, secure WiFi for visitors.

While staying at the venue, certain visitors will require internet connectivity. Utilize a WiFi provisioning provider to securely grant access to WiFi. This will provide each of your visitors their own WiFi network and login information. They will have simple access to the internet without jeopardizing the security of your network.

Tip 6: Make your brand known.

By using your brand’s colors or adding design components that showcase your company’s beliefs, you can let visitors know exactly whose lobby they are in. For instance, Samsara’s front desk at its offices in San Francisco is modern and streamlined, just like the company’s logo. A few distinctive elements have been added, such as an LED sign displaying the business name.

Tip 7: Personalize the experience for each sort of visitor.

Customization is the sign of a world-class tourist experience. Candidates could be welcomed in a different way than clients or suppliers. Take note of the most typical visitor categories and consider the full experience for each.

Keep in mind that visitors didn’t come to your business to sign NDAs, stress over WiFi, or spend a lot of time in the lobby. Their visit will be smooth from beginning to end, allowing them to concentrate on its intended use. If you adhere to the aforementioned advice, they’ll leave the office with their expectations not just met but surpassed. Best visitor management system in India