5 Techniques for Saving Money with Visitor Management System in Chandigarh

Visitor Management System in Chandigarh

5 Techniques for Saving Money with Visitor Management System in Chandigarh

Visitor management System in Chandigarh make visitor processing simpler for new businesses, small offices, and even giant corporations without receptionists while enhancing security. They are also quite friendly to your bottom line on top of all that. Following are five ways Visitor management System can help you save money.

1. Get rid of the necessity for a front desk agent

Without taking into account payroll taxes, perks, and other expenses, the average receptionist compensation in the United States is $32,000, according to Glassdoor. If your business is just getting started, you might not be able to afford a receptionist, and you might not even need one until you have a lot of calls and visitors. The monthly cost of the iPad Receptionist, which starts at $49, is far less than the $3000 monthly average cost of a receptionist.

2. Prevent interruptions from visitors from reducing your work.

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If you believe your office is free of this issue, go talk to the individual seated closest to the entrance. They most likely have the dreadful PND syndrome, or Person Nearest the Door syndrome. Even one interruption each day could have a significant impact on that person’s productivity. According to research, it takes roughly 25 minutes to resume work after being interrupted, which translates into about 2.5 hours of lost productivity per week for an interruption that occurs once per day. Eliminating interruptions can immediately improve the calibre of your employees’ work because, to make matters worse, those who are interrupted perform roughly 20% poorer than those who aren’t.

3. Boost the safety of your visitors

Visitor Management System in Chandigarh. You may quickly print customer visitor badges with names and images using a VMS. You also keep a visitor’s log, allowing you to always know who has visited your office. This enhances your security right away and helps shield you from costly threats like theft.

4. Never be late for a delivery or an appointment.

Visitor management System in Chandigarh

What’s the best strategy to guarantee the delivery of that crucial package? Go outside for a coffee. And when is the one exception when your appointment starts on time? when you are overdue. You can forward the delivery notification to someone else while getting your coffee if you have a VMS. Additionally, you can reply to the notification by email or text to let them know you’re on your way if your appointment time approaches and you aren’t there yet.

5. Go paperless

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Last but not least, VMS do away with visitor sign in sheets and logbooks, which cost money for supplies as well as time spent updating and archiving them as well as going through the records. You must have more productive methods to pass the time! Additionally, using paper visitor records may violate the privacy of both your visitors and your workers. By becoming digital, you respect people’s privacy and cut down on search time. Check out our Havteq VMS to see how much you can save!

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