5 Myths About Visitor Management System in India

Visitor Management System in India

5 Myths About Visitor Management System in India

Visitor Management System in India

Hey, we understand. We recognise that installing a visitor management system in India at the front desk of your office or business could make you hesitant.

What kind of message will it convey to your clients and guests? Will it lead people astray? Will someone get laid off?

We’ve taken note of your worries and set out to dispel some visitor control system myths in an effort to allay some of your anxieties.

Here are the top 5 visitor management system falsehoods that we hear most frequently.

1. Visitor management systems lack personalization.

The reality is that a visitor management system makes it possible for guests to check in swiftly without bothering or interrupting anybody else and instantly notifies your staff that a visitor has arrived.

When your visitors arrive at a business with a receptionist working at the front desk, that person might be out using the restroom, on the phone, or interacting with another customer. Visitors are thus forced to wait while they contemplate their options, which may be quite embarrassing and provide an unfavourable first impression.

A digital check-in, whether or not it is accompanied by a happy smile, sure beats standing around aimlessly waiting for something to happen.

2. Visitor management systems eliminate employment

The Receptionist for iPad actually functions best when combined with a genuine, living person individual, according to the reality.

Our visitor management technology was never meant to take the place of a human being. Does it occur? Yes.

For instance, in a start-up that hasn’t yet hired a front office staff member or at a small business that can’t afford one.

While the front desk employee makes guests feel at home by getting them water or coffee, directing them to their meeting room or the restroom, providing WiFi credentials, or gathering their coats and hats, the majority of our customers use our software to handle the tedious task of checking guests in and informing staff of a visitor’s arrival.

The guest check-in process typically becomes a strain for receptionists and front desk administrators due to their numerous other duties, and here is where our technology shines.

3. The network and data are not secure.

Visitor Management System in India

The reality is that we want you to feel confident that your data is secure and safeguarded, without going overly technical on you.

Having said that, we always urge our clients to refrain from asking visitors for excessively private or sensitive information, such as their social security or bank account details, when they check them in. Instead, the majority of the information that our clients gather is harmless, such as name, the purpose of the visit, and sometimes a photo.

To ensure that the information gathered on the iPad is never compromised, all data is sent securely between the iPad and our servers.

4. The public won’t be familiar with visitor management systems.

The reality is that users of visitor management systems frequently begin using them without ever being instructed.

We frequently hear from our clients that as soon as they installed Receptionist for iPad in their lobby, their guests and visitors began utilising the system right away without ever being instructed. This demonstrates how our customers can design individualised home screens for themselves.

The ease of the button-based workflow guides visitors through the whole check-in process in a straightforward and intuitive way when our customers install their iPad kiosk in a visible location that they will see upon their arrival.

And this is true for companies across all sectors. Our clients, who run anything from huge manufacturing plants to retirement communities and health and wellness clinics, consistently report never having to instruct a single guest on how to use the system.

Nowadays, most touch screen technologies are so simple to operate that they don’t even come with a manual!

5. Software for managing visitors is expensive and challenging to set up.

Software for managing visitors is expensive
The fact is that for all the time and work a digital check-in system saves, a visitor management system in india is very cost-effective.

Let’s immediately dismiss the cost justification. With unlimited visitor check-ins, small businesses with less than 25 employee connections can launch for less than $50 per month.

If you have an hour or so to spare, you can fully set up your Receptionist for iPad account, including custom branding, employee contact information, and notification routines that are entirely your own.

And remember, if you ever need assistance or become stuck, our Radical Support® staff will be there to help you get unstuck and back on track!